Personalized clothing and accessories.

We offer customization of textiles by embroidery, screen printing, flocking or digital transfer. BYSAI personalizes your professional or sports clothing in the quantity you want (small or large series). Caps, Jackets, T-shirts, Polos, Sweatshirts, …

for classic customization we suggest you choose your products from these two catalogs:

The Belgian brand Stanley / Stella offers a collection of t-shirts, polo shirts, shirts,… inspired by the latest trends. Stanley / Stella stands out for its premium quality made from sustainable raw materials.

  • Belgian brand
  • natural fibers
  • Organic cotton
  • recycled polyester

European Catalog offers more than 30,000 references in corporate textiles, promotional and work clothing by bringing together the main brands such as B&C, Kariban, Carhartt, Russel, Fruit Of the Loom, …

Printing techniques

Flex flock

Vinyl fabric (flex) or with a velvet aspect (flock) cut using a digital cutter. Flocking is used for small quantity markings, such as "nicknames", numbers, or even various sentences or texts.


It is the noblest and most resistant marking. It is suitable for rather thick supports, and an almost infinite lifespan. We carry out your projects on patches, T-shirts, polo shirts, caps, sweatshirts, shirts,…

Screen printing

This technique consists of reproducing a logo using a frame through which the ink passes to deposit on your support (cotton, polyester, nylon, etc.). The price depends on the number of colors used. On dark textiles, an undercoat of white is essential to guarantee bright colors.

Four-colour transfert

This transfer process offers possibilities to reproduce your visuals in an infinite range of colors (photo quality, infinite gradient, etc.).


2020 collection


CMYK 50/50/50/100