About the Colors

Our basic color chart includes 162 colors in RGB for all our sublimated products.

We also have an extended color chart  including Pantone colors, or any CMYK colors with no extra charge and 11 FLUO colors (with extra charge).

This extended chart is usable for F1rst, PRO, Aero, Elite and Athletic products.


Most frequent questions and answers about colors

No. You can pick as much colors as you want. Additional cost can only be applied for FLUO colors.

We have 11 fluo colors available for sublimated products. We DO NOT HAVE fluo socks available.

For football, field hockey, floorball and other sports who socks are needed we recommand to use the sock chart to design your equipement to be sure all products match perfectly

!! Fluo colors gets addiditional cost!!! 

Check the “FLUO” colors in our chart

In this case, we strongly recommend that you send us samples of your colors printed on the fabric or on the paper, or directly your old jersey. These will allow us to do a series of comparative print tests to find the definition of your colors in CMYK and reproduce your colors with absolute precision.

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